Biota Fermentation


Biotas’ methods are rooted in tradition.

We are a small batch fermentation company from Vancouver, BC.

We specialize in natural and traditional preservation techniques to deliver a product that is rich in both quality and live cultures.


We are dedicated to producing quality and healthy products. To us, this means using local providers, purchasing organic when possible and treating each one of our ferments with love and respect.

We ensure this by following three basic tenets:



All of our products are produced by hand in small batches right here in Vancouver, B.C.


Each of our products is measured daily until the perfect balance of pH and flavour has been achieved, then it is refrigerated and packaged.


Our ferments are never subjected to any pasteurization procedures, nor do we add any preservatives or stabilizers.


Some of our Local Providers


Hazelmere Organic Farm 

Hazelmere Organic Farm is nestled within an agricultural sanctuary in South Surrey. Over the 30 years the land has been developed by the King family, the farm has produced 115 types of plants. Naty King has continued with the earth-conscious endeavours she developed with her late husband Gary King. Following traditional methods of top soil management, the farm yields many varieties of organic vegetables and culinary herbs which are sold locally to customers and fine restaurants.



Discovery Organics

Discovery Organics is an independently owned, Vancouver based produce company that only deals in Organic and Fair Trade produce. They have great relationships and an incredible support network for their growers to continue to grow their produce and their business. They are used in hundreds of Organic, Natural and Fair Trade retailers all across the lower mainland.



Sole Food Farm 

Sole Food Farm is a social enterprise that provides urban agriculture employment and training opportunities for Vancouver’s Downtown East Side residents. Using farming as a form of outreach, community residents are trained and employed to install and manage small production farms on leased urban lots. Produce grown from the farms is sold to restaurants, at farmers markets and distributed to community organizations. With few significant food production farms within the city, the project also provides modelling and education opportunity to a population that has little connection to the natural world or to their food sources.



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