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Pickled Curry Cauliflower and Wheat Berry Salad with Rita

SaladDima Yagnyuk

Pickled Curry Cauliflower and Wheat Berry Salad with Rita

1 small jar        Biota Pickled Curry Cauliflower

1 Cup                 Grain Wheat Berries

4 Cups               Water

3 Tbs                 Red Wine Vinegar

1 tsp                  Salt

1/4 Cup             Cauliflower Brine

3 Tbs                 Raisins

1/3 Cup             Red Onion, diced

3 Tbs                 Green Onions, sliced

2 Tbs                 Mint, chopped

2 Tbs                 Basil, chopped

1 each               Lemon Zest

4 tsp                  Lemon Juice

2 Tbs                Cauliflower Brine

1 tsp                 Salt

2 Tbs                Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1/2 Cup            Yogurt

2 Tbs                Cucumber, grated

2 tsp                 Red Onion, grated

1 each              Garlic, micro planed

tt                       Salt

  • Place wheat berries in cold water and bring to a simmer. Cook for about 45-60 minutes until tender and plump.

  • When wheat berries are cooked, add vinegar and 1t of salt. Stir and let cool in liquid. *Can be done the day before*

  • Drain curry cauliflower and reserve the brine.

  • Place raisins and cauliflower brine in a pot and bring to a simmer. Remove from heat and allow the raisins to bloom and swell in the liquid.

  • Drain the cooled wheat berries and raisins.

  • In a large bowl toss the wheat berries, raisins, diced red onion, chopped herbs, lemon juice and zest, brine, salt and oil.

  • In a small bowl combine yogurt, cucumber, grated red onion, garlic and salt.

  • To plate, place a large dollop of the rita in the middle of the plate and spread out. Now place a pile of the wheat berry salad on top of the rita. Finish with the pickled curry cauliflower.