Biota Fermentation

Sauerkraut Dressing

Dressing, SaladDima Yagnyuk

Sauerkraut Dressing

1/4 Cup        Biota Sauerkraut, drained

2 Stems       Tarragon, picked

3 Stems       Parsley, picked

3 Stems       Chives, chopped

1/4 each      Shallot, rough chop

1 clove        Garlic, rough chop

2 Tbs           White wine vinegar

2 Tbs           Sauerkraut brine

1 tsp            Dijon mustard

1 tsp            Salt

1/4 Cup      Olive oil

3/4 Cup    Grapeseed/Canola oil

  • Finely chop herbs

  • Add everything but oil and herbs to a tall container or blender

  • Blend together using hand blender or blender

  • Slowly add the oil until fully combined and creamy looking

  • Mix in chopped in chopped herbs